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darts and axe throwing

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High Tech Darts Throwing

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High Tech Axe Throwing

Current Pricing

2 Hour Axe Throwing

$28.99 /person

Reservations Required

Axe-throwing coach

2 hours of axe-throwing

1 Hour High Tech Axe Throwing

$29.99 /person

Reservations Required

Axe coach

1 hour of throwing axes

6 Different Digital Games

Auto Scoring 

Moving targets 

End Grain Wood

Game Lounge

$19.99 /person

Reservations Required

Nintendo Game Lounge 


Ping Pong Table 


Board Games  

1 Hour High Tech Darts

$14.99 /person

Reservations Required

Darts coach

1 hour of darts

12 Different Games 

Auto Scoring 

Metal Tip Darts 

Entire Venue 1 Hour


Reservations Required

Axe coach

Book out the entire 2,000 sqft facility. 


Great for Bachelor/ Bachelorette, Birthdays, and Corporate Events. 


Call or email us to book. 

Rage Room

$25.00 /person

Reservations Required
Feel the exhilaration for 15 minutes
Smash your stress
Breakables are an additional fee

High Tech Darts

Our Dartsee platform isn’t your average dartboard, but a blend of tradition and cutting-edge technology. Dartsee gamifies the whole dart throwing experience through immersive feedback, offering fun for every skill level. Whether you’re a dart novice aiming for simple games or a seasoned player craving a challenge, our dart boards cater to all. And don’t worry if you’ve never tried it – we’ll teach you how it all works! Elevate your next party by reserving now!

Learn more about our darts.

High Tech Axe Throwing

The fun is guaranteed when throwing axes with us. As with our dart boards, we’ve created a high-tech experience that’s unique to traditional axe throwing. We utilize end grain targets and digitally-projected games to make the experience more exciting for your party. End grain targets cause axes to stick better, making it easy for novices to have instant success. Book a party with us for an experience you won’t forget! 

See our FAQs to learn more!

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The age limit for throwing axes is 12 years old.

The age limit for axe throwing is 10 years old. Anyone 18 and younger must be with an adult.

Our facility provides a very safe space for throwing axes! We have set rules and safety procedures that we go over with every team before any throwing and enforce throughout the session. Our lanes are built with barriers separating each lane to provide a secure place for everyone to have a fun time. We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave if we feel they are not respecting our safety policies. We have designed our axe lanes in a way that the axes will immediately fall to the ground after throwing. 

For Axe-Throwing and Darts we have a max group size of 4 people per lane. If you have a group size larger than 4 people simply book the next lane over. Your group will still be together.

We do take walk-ins, however, it is a first-book-served system. This means that the online bookings are open to book at all times until someone reserves a game. We strongly recommend making a reservation to save your spot. All purchases are final, and we do not offer refunds for cancellations. You can reschedule a game with 24 hours’ notice free of charge.
All purchases are final, and we do not offer refunds for cancellations. You can reschedule a game with 24 hours’ notice free of charge.

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